Center For Critical Care & Emergency Services

Center For Critical Care & Emergency Services

Center for Critical Care & Emergency Services at Padiyath Medicity Hopital Du Cinquantenaire integrate many specialties and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill. They are designed and managed based on the fact that methodical organisation of Critical Care services influences important overall outcome measures such as mortality, length of stay and infection rates.

Our Center has doctors to handle emergencies round the clock. The dedicated resuscitation room has all the necessary equipment to stabilize patients. This will be the first emergency care center in Africa which has both Medical & Surgical ICUs in Critical Care Department.

The doctors are well trained to handle disaster or mass casualties, including poly trauma cases with the help of standardized protocols and procedures. Critical care offers 24/7 care to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions who need continuous monitoring to be carried out by a multidisciplinary team.

Major services
Treatments and procedures
Ambulance Services
Salient Features Include:

Ambulance services for picking up patients who need to be brought to the hospital for treatment are available. Our ambulances also serve as Mobile Intensive Care Units. This facility is available 24 hours a day, on all days. Arrangements for ambulance can be made by calling the hospital or the Emergency Department directly.

The "Advanced Care - Ambulance Team" also includes a trained doctor, emergency technician, and a nurse who are well equipped to transfer critically ill patients.

All equipped ambulances are fully air-conditioned, spacious and with meticulously designed interiors meeting international standards.

The Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire Mobile ICU could be utilized by the general public and by the hospitals of primary and secondary care. The request for this service is accepted from the doctor or from the general public for any medical emergencies like road accidents, fire accidents, heart attack, electric shock, industrial accidents, snake bite, etc.

Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire is a pioneer of modern day emergency care in Africa. It set up the 'National Network of Emergency Services' to provide emergency care of uniform quality standards across the country. To the best of its capability, the Center for Critical Care & Emergency services has reflected the ethos of the Padiyath Medicity Hopital Du Cinquantenaire.