Center For Diabetology

Diabetes is one of the most widely spread diseases in the world. Though it's not fatal by itself, it can cause severe damage to nerves, legs, foot, heart, eyes, kidneys and pancreas. Center for Diabetology at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire strives to infuse hope and peace in even the most severe diabetic cases. We have a full-fledged Diabetology Department catering to the varied needs of diabetics who need dedicated care and treatment. We have a Diabetic Care Programme which aims for the early detection of diabetic complications.

Our ultimate goal is to empower all patients to manage their condition without compromising on quality of life. Our Center has the best & most dedicated team of Diabetologist, Bariatric Surgeons, Podiatrists, Diabetes Educators, Diabetes Specialist nurses, Dieticians, Ophthalmologists (retina specialist) etc. who compassionately work towards providing high quality medical services to patients who suffer from Diabetes, its complications including diabetic foot care. We work in close collaboration with the departments of vascular surgery and ophthalmology to treat some of the complicated foot and eye related problems.

Services Provided
Diabetes Care Programme

The Diabetes Care Programme provides intensive management of diabetes and diabetes related problems:

The Programme also offers:

Diabetic Foot Care Program and Vascular Clinic

Center for Diabetology at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire is the most comprehensive one stop centre for the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of preventive and therapeutic aspects of diabetic foot. The diabetic foot division of the Center for Diabetology is fully equipped with the most modern equipment to assess the function of nerves and blood vessels. The department provides all services under one roof, including special customized foot wear. The foot care programme is the only one in Africa to carry out reconstructive surgery in deformed diabetic foot - an emerging strategy for preventing diabetic foot-related amputations.

Diabetic Foot Study: This is done through sophisticated foot scanning machine (Podoscopy)Improper foot care may lead to foot ulcers which may turn gangrenous. This in turn leads to amputation of legs.

Comprehensive Diabetes Care

In addition to the routine out-patient based care of diabetic patient, the department has also initiated comprehensive diabetic care programme, focused on providing an annual diabetes check up to patients. Diabetes is known as a silent killer, and if left untreated, can cause kidney, nerve, eye, heart and foot problems. The annual checkup assesses the degree of glucose control and also measures the presence of diabetic complications. If detected early, many of these complications can be treated, and their progression can be stopped.

Regular Blood tests: We have 24 hour laboratory facilities to undertake Biochemical tests like Lipid Profile, Apo Proteon Studies, Blood Sugar estimation etc.

Diabetic Heart Check Up: This is done through ECG, Treadmill, Echo and Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Screening.4 times more vulnerable than non-diabetic patients, diabetics do not experience any chest pain at the time of an heart attack, hence it is vital for them to undergo a complete cardio work-up annually.

Diabetic Kidney Check Up:: Annual screening for Micro Albuminuria Renal Function Tests and Renal Ultrasonography. Diabetic kidney disease if detected at an early stage is completely reversible

Diabetic Peripheral Vascular Screening: Done through Doppler and ABI Measurement.

Diabetic Neuropathy Screening: Done through Biothesiometry, Filament testing and HCP Study. Sophisticated nerve conduction velocity studies are also available. Numbness in the foot and hand, tingling sensations, burning pain in the legs and foot, are the symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy.


It is an astonishing fact that the number of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) patients is increasing day by day. The biggest recent advancement in the medical world is Control of Diabetes (Type 2) by Laparoscopic (Key-hole) Surgery. This is the only center in Africa which provide surgical cure for Type II Diabetes Patients.

Type II Diabetes is the result of

It is now clear that intestinal hormone (GLP1) levels can regulate the insulin production in pancreas. Hence by increasing GLP1 levels in the gut ,diabetes get controlled.GLP1 is produced in large quantities by terminal portion of small intestine. Partially digested food reaching this region increases the production of this hormone.

By key hole surgery the stomach size is reduced hence food intake will be reduced. Last portion of small intestine is brought towards the stomach that helps in bringing partially digested food into the small intestine rapidly, thus increasing GLP1 levels and there by increasing insulin levels. Obese diabetics require sleeve gastrectomy and Ileal interposition. The weight reduction and associated fat loss will also increase insulin activity. Key-hole surgeries like sleeve Gastrectomy and Ileal Interposition are thus found to increase insulin performance and give long standing (permanent) resolution of diabetes.

Feasibility of the Procedure

These procedures are helpful in patients with Type II diabetes, in whom pancreas is capable of producing good levels of insulin. These are having much better results in those with more than ideal weight and in those with diabetes of shorter duration (few years); than in those who have already damaged their end organs like kidney, eye, heart etc

More than 95% of the diabetic patients treated by this surgery are fully cured of Diabetes. In addition to diabetic control the other benefits are

The procedure is done by key-hole surgery; is practically blood-less; using modern state-of-the-art Stapling Devices and blood vessel self-sealing devices; needs about five days of stay in the hospital for observation, especially of the dropping blood sugar levels. This procedure definitely improves quality of life and reduces cancer risk & mortality.

The Center for Diabetology at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire Centre has been established to provide quality diabetes health care with accepted international standards of excellence in the field. Intensive management of Diabetes Mellitus through using continuous Glucose Monitoring System and by using insulin pump therapy helped every person to live his normal span of life in a healthy way.

Diabetes is no longer a disability... Control your risk for Diabetes for Life.