Center For Skin, Laser & Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Center For Skin, Laser & Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Center for Skin, Laser & Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire is dedicated to provide superior level of skin care to patients. The Department takes a comprehensive approach to patient care and offers a wide range of speciality services in medical, paediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

Diagnosis and treatment is provided for a wide range of skin disorders and the facility is equipped with the latest USFDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) approved technologies. Treatments like photo therapy, cryotherapy, laser surgery and allergic testing are routine. Everything from common acne, laser hair removal, skin allergies to more complex problems like skin cancers, dermatitis, psoriasis and immune related skin diseases are dealt with care, compassion and consummate skill here. Along with a new found confidence, thousands of patients from around the world have found long lasting solutions to their varied dermatological problems at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire

Our Services
Radiofrequency Surgery

The Dermatology department employs the use of high frequency cutting current for ablation/cauterisation of various skin lesions. Common indications include:


The main indications for phototherapy include:


The department utilises liquid nitrogen for cryosurgery, which is useful for a variety of benign and malignant skin conditions including:

Vitiligo Surgery

The department has started punch grafting and cosmetic tattooing for stable vitiligo lesions.

Chemical peeling

Simple procedures are conducted for treating acne, such as comedone extraction and peels - both cryo peels as well as chemical peels. These peels are also useful for the treatment of post-acne scarring and hyper pigmentation.

Glycolic acid peeling is also indicated for other conditions showing excessive pigmentation like melasma (pigmentation of the face usually seen in pregnant, perimenopausal females). The department also uses subcision, punch excision and grafting for acne scars revision/facial resurfacing.

Nail disorders

Procedures for nail disorders include:

  • Nail avulsions
  • Nail matrix biopsies
Allergy and Patch testing

The department uses a full allergy test panel for the investigation of conditions like chronic urticaria. Patch tests are indicated for the investigation of contact allergic dermatitis (e.g., cement dermatitis, hair dye dermatitis, footwear dermatitis, etc.)

Anti aging solutions

Skin rejuvenation with cosmetic lasers can be one of your greatest tools in the battle against aging. We are also introducing Botox and fillers for age lines which can also help in antiageing. Let's look at a few of the signs of aging that can make us appear older than we feel:


The rapid acceptance by the public of cosmetic surgery confirms its value and the need for it. It not only improving social acceptance and interpersonal relationship but also increases the chances of obtaining employment in occupations where looks are important.Cosmetic surgery covers a wide variety of procedures from head to toe.

Surgical procedures:
Non-Surgical procedures:
Laser Treatment

Alma harmony pixel laser is an aesthetic laser treatment that can make your acne scars a thing of the past. Unlike deep peels and other solutions, the downtime can be as short as a few days.

Laser Hair Removal treatment, offered can now liberate you from daily shaving and tedious plucking. With light sheer Diode laser, you can forget about expensive waxing, too. This facility is available at cosmetology clinic at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire and it is the Africa's best laser for hair removal.

A healthy skin not only makes you look attractive but also helps in maintaining the proper body temperature for the body. Skin problems can lead to severe disorders. At Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire we provide you with expert diagnosis and treatment to attain a healthier and problem-free skin. The aesthetic surgery aims to improve the quality of life of an individual by eliminating self-consciousness