Center For Ophthalmology

Center for Ophthalmology at Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire is committed to offering ophthalmic care of a level unavailable in most parts of the Africa today. Our Center offers latest eye-care technology at affordable cost for everyone. Starting from a comprehensive eye check-up, state of art cataract surgery, glaucoma services, Neuro Ophthalmology Care, world class laser vision correction services oculoplastic and orbital services and Ocular Oncology Services.

Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire with the leading eye surgeons & highly sophisticated technology like C3R Therapy works towards providing patients with cost effective eye care. The department offers evaluation and management of glaucoma in all age groups. Ophthalmologists are part of the team that provides neuro-ophthalmology care along with neurologists and neurosurgeons.

Equipments available
Service Provided
Retina Unit

At Retina Unit all retinal diseases are evaluated and managed. Digital fundus photography, fundus fluorescein angiography, ocular ultrasonography, optical coherence tomography, retinal cryopexy and laser photocoagulation are done as outpatient procedures:

Glaucoma Unit

The Glaucoma Clinic provides comprehensive care for glaucoma patients. Every suspected case of glaucoma undergoes diagnostic tests including pacymetry, applanation tonometry, visual field analysis, gonioscopy, optic disc evaluation, and optical coherence tomography. Patients are managed medically and surgically with regular follow-up. An advanced YAG Laser is used for the treatment of narrow angle and other types of glaucoma.

LASIK Services

Lasik Services offers a state of the art LASIK facility. LASIK is a procedure that eliminates the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses for clear vision. It does so by precisely reshaping the cornea with the help of laser. Lasik technology is safe and time-tested. At Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenairety Lasik Service, we take every possible effort to make sure that the procedure is perfectly safe for your eyes.

Cataract Services & Squint Clinic

We are equipped with AMO signature, a higher-end phacoemulsification system which minimizes tissue damage during cataract surgery. Micro Incision Cataract Surgery [MICS] is also available in which the wound size is even smaller. Our department also have Accurus and Storz – Protégé phacoemulsification systems. Intraocular surgery is done with Zeiss OPMI Lumera surgical microscope and the finest titanium surgical instruments. All types of Intra Ocular Lenses [IOL], including foldable IOLs, toric IOLs and multifocal IOLs are routinely inserted with excellent results. Availability of day care surgery (operation without admission) makes it more convenient for the patient.

Squint Clinic

The Squint Clinic provides methodical assessment for diagnosis of various types of squint followed by medical management or surgical treatment.

Plastic/ Orbit/Reconstructive Surgery

Ophthalmic Plastics, Orbital and Reconstructive Surgery, deals primarily with diseases involving tissues surrounding the eyeball, but which can also affect the appearance or function of the eye. It includes diseases of the eyelids, the lacrimal system (tear production and drainage), the orbit (the nerves, muscles, blood vessels in the bony cavity surrounding the eye) and the facial areas adjacent to the eye. Our ophthalmic plastic surgeons are board certified ophthalmologists, who have completed specialized training in plastic surgery.

Some of the conditions our specialists treat include:

The neuro-ophthalmology service takes care of patients with loss of vision, double vision, eye movement abnormalities, orbital syndromes, and ophthalmologic problems related but not limited to cerebrovascular diseases, tumor, head trauma, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, and inflammation. In addition to comprehensive clinical assessment of visual acuity, pupil, anterior and posterior segment, eye movement, and eye alignment, we provide state-of-the-art clinical testing of the afferent and efferent functions.

We also carry out clinical and basic sciences research to promote better understanding of the mechanism and treatment of neuro-ophthalmic diseases in order to synergize the advancements between the bench and the bedside. We attract sponsored clinical and basic sciences research and enhance public awareness and education of neuro-ophthalmologic diseases.

Ocular Oncology

Ophthalmic oncology is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer affecting the eye, cancer of the orbit (eye socket), and cancer of the eyelids.The Ophthalmic Cancer Center was established to provide the most up-to-date therapy for ophthalmic cancer patients in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, patients are given immediate access as needed to ancillary testing and consultation with oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation-therapy specialists, geneticists, head and neck surgeons, neurological surgeons and dermatologists in order to ensure the highest standards of medical care.

Diagnosis and treatments

Eyes are one of the most precious of God's gifts to human beings.. At Padiyath Medicity - Hopital Du Cinquantenaire we promise to be your partners in eye care. We are committed to provide the highest quality eye care based on evidence based approach and latest cutting edge technology for the society. We are providing services for all eye problems under one roof.